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I’ve been teaching Cricut Crafters how to us their Cricut cutting machines for over 10 years! I even wrote two Cricut books!

Cricut is basically my favorite thing in the whole world to talk about, and I want to be your crafty BFF!

I’m here to inspire you to make creating a part of your everyday life! And what better way to do that than hanging out and crafting together?

Cricut Crafting Classes

Included in Every Class

A video training that walks you through the entire process

A link to the class’s supply list (no getting half way into a project and missing a vital component!)

All SVG files for the project you’ve purchased

Virtual Class - $19.99

Rainbow Holographic Sun Catchers

These beauties will catch the rays of sunshine coming through your window and create gorgeous rainbow patterns on your walls!

In this class, we master how to use the Offset and Contour buttons in Cricut Design Space, and learn how to use the parchment paper method for transferring vinyl.

Virtual Class - $19.99

DIY Glass Etching

Etching glass can feel a bit intimidating or scary but don’t worry… once you know how to do it, it’s super easy. In this class I go step by step with you, and by the end you’ll be feeling like a glass-etching pro!

Virtual Class - $19.99

Earrings and Cricut Maker Engraving!

In this class we are making earrings using two different materials – Wood veneer and faux leather. Wood veneer earrings are light to wear, aesthetically beautiful, and a fun material that many people haven’t tried cutting with their Cricut!

3 Virtual Classes - $45

Bundle of 3 Classes!

Bundle and save on Earrings and Cricut Maker Engraving, DIY Glass Etching, AND Rainbow Holographic Sun Catchers classes!

Virtual Class - $19.99

DIY Stenciled Doormats

This was one of my most requested classes, and I’m so excited to show you how to make these DIY Stenciled Doormats! These are not only fun to customize the entrance of your home with, but they make perfect gifts for someone who has just moved, or who you know would love a unique or personalized doormat!

This class also includes a bunch of cute SVG designs specifically for doormats! 

Virtual Class - $19.99

DIY Waterproof Stickers

Waterproof stickers have made a real comeback with many sticker makers selling their stickers for $4-7 each! You can use them to decorate your laptop, water bottle, travel mug, journal and so much more.

In this class I teach you two ways to make waterproof stickers– my easy, goof-proof version uses a laminator and laminating pouches. The second way uses a vinyl overlay.


Virtual Class - $19.99

Infusible Ink & HTV Zippered Bags

I had so many people tell me that they wanted to learn to use HTV and/or Infusible Ink, so I taught this class! 

Not only do zippered pouches make a great gift on their own, they are also super cute to fill with other smaller gifts! 


Bundle of 3 Classes!

Bundle and save on DIY Stenciled Doormats, DIY Waterproof Stickers, AND Infusible Ink & HTV Zippered Bags classes!

Virtual Class - $19.99

Wood Scorching & Paint Pen Projects

The possibilities with this skill are endless– Wood ornaments, gift tags, earrings, cutting boards, coasters, signs and more! 

I love color, so in this class we take the same techniques and put them to use with my very favorite paint pens! You’ll also get a refresher on how to cut wood with your Cricut Maker (if you don’t have a Cricut Maker no worries, there are a ton of different wood blanks you can work with), then we cut stencils with our Cricut and learn how to use Wood Scorching Markers and Paint Pens to take our Cricut projects to the next level!

Virtual Class - $19.99

Seasonal Wood Signs

I live in a townhouse complex and our HOA has some pretty strict rules about the front of each house looking the same. We aren’t allowed to paint our front doors, alter our front yard or hang things in our window. One thing we are allowed to do though is hang decorations on our front door! You had better believe that I take full advantage of that and let my creativity soar!

That’s why I was so excited for this class– We make seasonal wood signs! I provide you with tips, tricks and a bunch of fun and creative SVG files for creating signs for your front door for every season and holiday! We also talk about the different options of using adhesive vinyl or HTV on your wood signs and when you should use each option. 


Virtual Class - $19.99

Print Then Cut Deep Dive!

At the end of the class you’ll know everything that you need to know to use Print Then Cut like a pro!

What can you make with the Print Then Cut feature?

  • Gift Tags
  • Cards
  • Scrapbook and Planner
  • Embellishments
  • Stickers
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Embellishments
  • Printed Iron-On Designs
  • So much more!

Print Then Cut pairs your Cricut with your household printer to create one dynamic duo!


Bundle of 3 Classes!

Bundle and save on Wood Scorching & Paint Pen Projects, Seasonal Wood Signs, AND Print Then Cut Deep Dive classes! 

Virtual Class - $19.99

Stained Glass Luminaries

In this class we are making a project that had been in my head for awhile and I finally got a chance to create – Stained Glass Luminaries! You can make these for all seasons but I think they are especially wonderful for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

I think it’s probably pretty obvious that I love crafting. I’m pretty sure I could happily craft 365 days a year, but crafting for holidays has to be my favorite. I especially love crafting for spooky season/Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day– so this time of year is one of my favorites. 

Virtual Class- $19.99

Pocket Potholders & Infusible Ink Kitchen Towels

In this class we’re making Pocket Pot Holders! I think that these are such a fun gift idea and not just for Christmas! I love giving these for gifts all year long! One of my go to teacher gifts is a pocket pot holder with “Thank You For Making Me One Smart Cookie” on it and a bag of cookie dough mix, a gift card and a wooden spoon in the pocket! 

Since I love being a bit extra, we’re also making tea towels! I show you how to apply Infusible Ink to a micro fiber towel, but you can also use iron-on for this project with a regular tea towel.

Virtual Class - $19.99

Hidden Message Sparkle Wine Glasses

Toast to creativity and sparkle with our exclusive Hidden Message Sparkle Wine Glasses crafting class! In this class I’ll guide you through the art of creating enchanting wine glasses that hold a secret surprise.

In this class, we’ll create festive wine glasses that boast both an exterior message and a concealed surprise within. As you tip back your glass, a hidden message will be revealed underneath a shimmering layer of glitter, adding an extra touch of magic to your celebratory sips.


Bundle of 3 Classes!

Bundle and save on Hidden Message Sparkle Wine Glasses, Pocket Potholders & Infusible Ink Kitchen Towels, AND Stained Glass Luminaries classes!

Virtual Class- $19.99

Cricut Valentine's Day Cards

Making and giving handmade cards is one of my love languages. It’s a way that I show my friends and family how special they are to me and how much I care about them! 

For years I had my kids make handmade cards for people for special occasions and after awhile it occurred to me– why am I buying store bought cards when I encourage my kids to make cards themselves? Ever since then I’ve been a card making machine!

In this class we cover how to: 
  • Use the Cricut Card Mat with Cricut Card Inserts 
  • How to make your own card inserts out of cardstock in your favorite color combos 
  • How to use Cricut pens to add a personalized touch to your cards 
  • How to make Print Then Cut Valentines that are so much more fun and creative than store bought Valentines!

Virtual Class - $19.99

Paper Flower Signs & Shadow Boxes

It’s time to celebrate spring! What better way to celebrate spring than with some gorgeous paper flower projects? In this class we will be learning Cricut Paper Flower Basics. We’ll learn best practices to make beautiful paper flowers and we’ll combine vinyl and paper to make a beautiful paper flower shadow box or sign.



Virtual Class- $19.99

Layered Paper Projects

A couple of years ago I set the goal for myself to start crafting for fun in addition to crafting for work. I created a crafting bucket list for myself and #1 on the list was layered paper projects. I absolutely adore them! I think they are so fun to make and the materials for them are relatively inexpensive– In fact you might already have them in your craft room!

In this class we make layered paper projects together and some beautiful projects for your home. We tackle how to make a layered paper project to put in a shadow box as well as how to shrink down a layered paper project and turn it into a gorgeous greeting card!



Bundle of 3 Classes!

Bundle and save on Cricut Valentine’s Day Cards, Paper Flower Signs & Shadow Boxes, and Layered Paper Projects classes!

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Meet your cricut craft bestie!

Hello, I'm Crystal Allen

I have been working with Cricut as a content creator and educator for over 10 years! 

I am the author of two Cricut craft books and the owner of Hello Creative Family, where my goal is to inspire parents to get creative and raise their family in a handmade, homemade, heartmade home! 

As the busy mom of two kids (and two fur babies), I love quick and easy crafty projects that give you that instant hit of gratification!

I also love learning new skills and trying out every new product and material that is Cricut related! 

I CANNOT WAIT for you to join my creative community and to become your new crafty BFF! 

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